I’m okay!

We had our 19 (and a bit) week ultrsound this morning. We all crammed into the room to watch the "baby movie" on the flat screen. Matilda was really only interested in the arrows on the screen - asking "We see more arrows?" every few minutes. Jack thought this was pretty cool... ...his new little... Continue Reading →

Bom dia…

We're off to Mozambique!!!! The Human Resources Committee at Global Interaction met last week and we got the e-mail this morning to say it's official - we're heading for Mozambique. So we're really excited!!! I don't think we would have minded either way - it's just really nice to know. So "Good Morning" and thankyou... Continue Reading →

Beeck Hotline

- Jack had a fantastic 5th birthday. Both he and Tilly are super happy, healthy kids - we're very thankful for that! - We had survived (perhaps only just) the crazy time that was the last few months - Cam's finished his unit at Vose, will be back tonight from over East with no more... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Cup Day 2005

5 years ago today, we were in the Birth suite, waiting rather impatiently for our little baby to make. Cam was having a ball watching the Melbourne Cup & enjoying all my meals! I wasn't having so much fun... things weren't quite going to plan. But later that night, our little boy Jack Nathan was... Continue Reading →

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