Melbourne Cup Day 2005

5 years ago today, we were in the Birth suite, waiting rather impatiently for our little baby to make. Cam was having a ball watching the Melbourne Cup & enjoying all my meals! I wasn’t having so much fun… things weren’t quite going to plan. But later that night, our little boy Jack Nathan was born! He is funny, smart, kind, loving, cheeky and makes our life stacks of fun!! Thanks God!!!

Summary of life at the moment:

– Africa: we should know this time next week whether we’re heading to Malawi or Mozambique. The kids have been practising some Portuguese just in case 🙂
– Family: We had an incredible time on holidays in Coral Bay recently – just wish we could have stayed even longer
– Cam: is crazy busy at the moment with work, Vose, preaching and trying to look after us – he’s over east until the end of the week checking out some canola crops
– Kath: I’m getting fatter! Thankfully there’s a good reason – the little bub is 18 weeks old today and all is going well
– Jack: Had a fantastic birthday weekend with fishing on Big Jack’s boat & tons of pressies from our wonderful family
– Tilly: Has already figured out how to ride Jack’s new scooter and is loving bouncing on her hand-me-down trampoline!

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