“I go put my shoes on”

Often people ask us what the kids think about moving to Africa. Jack has just turned 5, so he has some idea about what we’re up to, but his understanding of time is pretty limited. I think it’s just starting to sink in for him that we’re going to be away from friends, family, our home, school and everything else for quite a while.

Matilda is almost 2 ½ so she really has no idea. I said to her recently “Matilda, it says in here we’re going to Mozambique!” Her reply was just gorgeous… “Yay, I go put my shoes on!”

If only we were like that when God asks us to do something or go somewhere. For us, the decision to go has been 10 years in the making. And the response was probably more along the lines of “We’ll just get married, and finish uni, and buy a house, and have some financial security, and have kids, and do some more study and…” The list of reasons not to follow can go on and on and on.

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  1. I just read your story on, I go put my shoes on and cried at the beautiful response of Matilda. I need to be more child like in my response to God’s calling.

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