Black market antibiotics

Jack is completely deaf at the moment. When he was younger he had a ridiculous amount of ear infections and had to have grommets put in twice. I never even had to tell our GP why we were there… it was always the same thing. But the surgery worked and he’s been ear-infection-free for almost 2 years now. Last week though, he was driving me up the wall and I finally worked out he couldn’t hear anything. It might explain why he fell off his bike so many times last week. So after a 4 day wait to see the doctor, he’s back on antibiotics, a decongestant & nasal spray. It’s not working yet… he’s still yelling at me.

I complain that it takes 4 days to see our GP. I was a bit gob-smacked when the medicine was over $50 and there’s a repeat to come! But then I wonder, what’s it going to be like in Africa? I’m guessing we won’t have a GP. If you can find a doctor, do they have the right equipment to test. If you get a prescription, will the drugs be available? Maybe I can stock up on some black market antibiotics and self-medicate? Hmmm… things will certainly be different.

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