Up for sale…

Anyone in need of a 2004 red Hyundai Getz , 106 000km, in good condition, rego until August ’11 – $8500?

It’s the first thing officially up for sale in what will be a long list of things we’ll need to get rid of in the next 12 months or so.  I guess for some people that would seem pretty overwhelming, but I’m really quite excited about it.

When we first decided to make the move, I was thinking… “What house stuff do we need to pack? Maybe I could get a shipping container and stock up with flat pack furniture from Ikea. How do we get the kayak to Mozambique? How much stuff could we ask the Global Xposure crew from Rivo to stuff into their suitcases for us?” and so on!

Lately though I’ve been thinking, what is the bare minimum we could take? I’m excited about getting rid of  ‘stuff.’ All these things we’ve worked pretty hard to get over the last 10 or so years don’t seem so important anymore. I’m not a sentimental person at the best of times, but I’m not finding the thought of leaving things behind as hard as I expected. I’m quite excited at the prospect of breaking free from the materialistic culture that we live in.

Which makes me wonder again… what would I be changing in my life if we were staying here in Perth?

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