A change of scenery

So, I changed the Blog appearance a bit. Cam and my sisters will probably laugh their heads off about this! Cam often comes home to me midway through rearranging the furniture in the house. Don't tell my obstetrician, but I recently swapped our sitting room with the dining room, complete with tipping over and relocating... Continue Reading →

An update on Jack

After posting about Jack's struggles with the whole idea of moving to Mozambique a few months ago, many people have asked me how he's coping with everything. I'm really pleased to say that he's now much more positive about things! We don't really spend much time talking about it with him - we just answer... Continue Reading →

Baby Bundles

Baby Bundle Contributions One of the great things that the Global Interaction team women do in Mozambique is to regularly visit the maternity ward at the hospital in Lichinga. They take in "baby bundles" full of goodies to give to the women there. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, you can donate... Continue Reading →

Have I missed my calling?

A rather tragic event occurred today... Matilda's beloved "Jessie Toy" suffered a traumatic above knee amputation at the hands of an over-enthusiastic remote controlled car extraction, courtesy of Jack. Jessie's hip had been quite unstable over the last few days. She's only been around since Christmas Day but that hip had seen some action! Multiple... Continue Reading →

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