“Follow Me, I’ll take care of you, I know where I’m going…”

I think our blog (I say our, but you might have noticed Cam doesn’t visit all that often) is quite helpful for me. You see, I don’t really like telling stories, in fact, I don’t talk much at all really. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s mostly to do with the fact that whenever I start a story, Cam usually takes over? He loves to talk but most of the time I’m quite happy keeping my thoughts to myself.

Lately I’ve been thinking that although sometimes keeping quiet is a good thing, other times it’s just quite selfish. I know that I love nothing better than when someone shares a story about how God has spoken to them. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, or how big or small the “thing” spoken about is. It’s just exciting and energising to hear how God talks to other people. So hear’s a little story about one afternoon when God was speaking to me…

September 2010: We’d just been having a really tough few months and making some crazy big decisions and I was having lots of  moments of wondering what on earth God was up to. We were on holidays in Coral Bay and late one afternoon Cam & Jack decided to go fishing. After a while, I thought I’d head to the beach to find them and see how it was going. I was just about to set off for the lookout in my thongs when my brother in law said “Shouldn’t you put some shoes on? ” Me, knowing best of course, told him not to worry, I’d be fine. Heading up to the lookout, off in my own little world, I came very very close to stepping on a snake! A wake up call perhaps? “Hello Kath… God here… I’m trying to talk to you!” The lookout was boring, windy and I couldn’t see my boys so I headed to the beach. They must have snuck back unnoticed while I was up there cos I never found them on the beach. But I did find their footprints. Two big, flat-footed Cam-prints out in front and two little gorgeous Jack-prints following every step. And following those footprints back, seeing how Jack stayed right behind Cam all of the way I felt an awesome sense of peace and God saying: “Follow me, I’ll take care of you, I know where I’m going, you don’t have to worry.”

Sometimes it not really anything big or dramatic, just those little moments of hearing clearly God’s voice.

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  1. Thanks for you blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it. Thanks for your honesty Kath, I really appreciate it when other mums just say it how it is!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who throws “adult tantrums” sometimes;) Love the footprints blog too, very encouraging.

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