Baby Bundles

Baby Bundle Contributions

One of the great things that the Global Interaction team women do in Mozambique is to regularly visit the maternity ward at the hospital in Lichinga. They take in “baby bundles” full of goodies to give to the women there. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, you can donate items to send across to Lichinga. Over the next few months, we’ll be collecting up a whole bunch to send out together. If you have anything you would like to add to the package you can send it to Katherine Beeck, Riverton Baptist Community Church, PO Box 3048, Shelley, WA 6148, drop it into the church office or give it to me.

Items that are most needed include:
Blankets: flanelette or sheeting material – they don’t need to be new (thicker blankets are also needed, just a lot bulkier to send)
Baby clothes, booties & beanies (It can get quite cold in Lichinga)
Cloth nappies & nappy pins
Face washers

Thank you!

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