Family on the fridge, or maybe the toilet door?

The last few weeks and months have been super encouraging. So many people, some we don’t know from a bar of soap, have given us words of encouragement. People are coming up with some awesome ways to support us as we prepare to go and we know that heaps of people are praying for us. So we just wanted to say thanks to everyone! This is definitely not something we can do on our own – and so far it’s been a fantastic team effort. We know that we will continue to need your support over the coming years.

We recently received our very snazzy leaflets from Global Interaction. If you would like one, you can either pick one up at Rivo or e-mail and I will post one to you. Even if you’re not in a position to support us financially, you’re very welcome to take one, stick it up somewhere in the house and pray for us as often as you like.

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