An update on Jack

After posting about Jack’s struggles with the whole idea of moving to Mozambique a few months ago, many people have asked me how he’s coping with everything. I’m really pleased to say that he’s now much more positive about things! We don’t really spend much time talking about it with him – we just answer questions as they come up. There’s only so much a 5 year old mind can get a grip on, so we don’t want to overwhelm him with unnecessary details. There have been a few things that have made a significant difference, I think.

Buzz Light Year in Toy Story 3

Jack was freaking out about learning Portuguese – he thought he wouldn’t be able to speak English anymore and was worried that his mates back home wouldn’t understand him. But thanks to Spanish Buzz… he’s liking the idea now. He’s been practising his own made-up language and can say a few words in Portuguese πŸ™‚

Cam spent a few weeks in Chile for work recently and while that mostly sucked, we spent a bit of time talking to him on Skype. That was great – not only to keep in touch with him but to give Jack the idea that even though people are on the other side of the world, we can still talk to them. Now he wants to know how Daddy gets inside our computer? Hmmm… something to do with satellites…? I have no idea!

So we’re definitely in a better place. Last week he told me he wanted to live in Africa for a long time. I told him we would be there for at least a few years but he said he wanted to stay forever! Then again, this morning we were talking about going to Melbourne – he was gob-smacked when I said that of course they speak English there and that Melbourne is in Australia! Oh dear πŸ™‚

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