Everything’s fine I think…

Cam here.  Decided that I should start having a presence here as Kath is being rather prolific in her blogging efforts – I didn’t think this would be the case as she isn’t a “tell all” kind of person.  The one thing in our favour at the moment though is that there is plenty to tell!

So what am I going to write about… well Kath usually gets to the cute/funny kids stories before I do so I guess I’m left with things about me!  Reviewing whats already on this blog is a good synopsis of where we have been as a family over the past 6 months – life has been pretty crazy and different.  The last few weeks though has been an opportunity for me to review some things – 70 odd hours in transit to and from Chile kind of allows it!

So what has characterised life for me in the last 6 months – probably doubt!  I know this doesn’t sound very spiritual, but I’m ok with it.  In a way it tells me that this is not something to be taken lightly – it’s not something just to cruise along with.  I have switched back and forth from being completely at peace with the idea of leaving everything and moving to Mozambique to having quiet internal meltdowns!  I am having less of these…:-) I think these feelings come mainly because I’m not in control – life feels like it is careening down a path to Africa sometimes with us on for the ride.  But I look back on the rest of my life and think “when have I been in control”!?  I have ended up doing and going places in life precisely because I am not in control and God is – He has done things in my life that are beyond me and my skills and abilities.  For me, doubt is the process of recognising when I’m trying to shoulder things too much and not trusting that He has this under control.  Just because we made the decision to go doesn’t mean a magical switch was flicked where the super spiritual tap was turned on – but I feel doubt is starting to turn to excitement as I hand the doubt over.

In thinking about writing this post, it came into my mind “how would I sum up why we are going”.  In my words… because everyone deserves a chance.  The Yao people in Malawi and Moz deserve a chance to hear about the person and story of Jesus, who he is and what he has done, and a chance to respond.  And the other thing close to my heart is that the Yao people deserve the chance to have enough food to feed their family without going hungry.  God has given us the opportunity to help in both of these things so we should at least spend a small part of our lives to help give these people the chance.  I’m convinced we’ll be the better for it.

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