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It's ben a little while since I've posted anything, and I don't really have any great stories to tell but here are some general updates for those who are interested... - We've been home a week now after a couple of weeks away in Mebourne for training - it's lovely to be home. - Jack... Continue Reading →

I love my kids!

We've been in Melbourne for a couple of weeks doing some training for Africa. This week, Cam's parents joined us to take care of the kids while we're in the office. They have been having a blast! They've been to the Museum, the Aquarium, St Kilda, Fitzroy Gardens and enjoyed a fair few ice-creams along... Continue Reading →


I love sleeping. Usually, I fall asleep about 30 seconds after my head hits the pillow. Not lately - this little bubba is making things rather difficult when it comes to getting comfortable in bed... or anywhere for that matter. We've been in Melbourne for a bit over a week now doing training. And after... Continue Reading →

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