I love sleeping. Usually, I fall asleep about 30 seconds after my head hits the pillow. Not lately – this little bubba is making things rather difficult when it comes to getting comfortable in bed… or anywhere for that matter.

We’ve been in Melbourne for a bit over a week now doing training. And after 8 days straight of meetings and talking and more meetings and more talking (all great) – last night I was super tired. I made plans to get to bed early and try to catch up a bit. It seems the rest of the people staying here had other plans.

At 1030pm my brother-in-law rang (730 Perth time :-)), I’d been asleep since 9. I managed to hang up so the phone didn’t wake the kids then write a SMS – have no idea if it made any sense or not. But you know 1030 – that’s still a reasonable time to get back to sleep. That was until the Germans decided it was party time. But hey, they’re young and wild and free… I can put up with that for a while. I finally managed to get back to sleep.

Then at 130, one of them decided that right outside my bedroom door was a good place to have a really loud conversation on his mobile. I actually dreamt that I yelled at him and when I went and opened the door in my dream he was this ugly, scrawny guy with blood on his face from being in a fight and I tried to slam his arm in the bedroom door. Thankfully – when I actually woke up, I just went and opened the door and gave him the “shush” sign. Is that a universal thing? Or did I just look like a psycho? Contextualisation is the key word for the week. But at 130AM I didn’t really care much for finding out more about the dude or his culture. BTW – quite a handsome young man in real life, no blood anywhere.

So then things went well until 530 when the volume from the American dudes in the courtyard below our room woke me up again. Ughhhh. Some people seem to just love the sound of their own voice. I think Cam had been awake for a while and was pretty angry. So I put on a jumper, made sure my huge belly was visible (you have to milk this whole pregnency thing sometimes) and headed down to have a chat. I was actually quite polite – which is quite a feat for me. I’m not renowned for being a very good morning person. They said they were leaving for the airport, and I said that would be awesome. So back to bed I went… but I’m over it. Too late to go back to sleep. Too early to get up. So I thought I’d have a Blog rant instead.

My whole revenge strategy (thought out during the night) was to let the kids get up as early as they wanted and make all the noise in the world. Now that would just be mean, cos the silly noisy people have left. Oh well…

Good morning everyone 🙂

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  1. Oh Kath… I feel for you! It is sooooo hard to sleep at the moment, even though I am in my own bed in my own quiet street. I can’t imagine how hard it would be in your position. I will pray that you have a great day today despite the lack of sleep. When you get home, I will take Tils for a few days so you can have some good daytime naps. x

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