I love my kids!

We’ve been in Melbourne for a couple of weeks doing some training for Africa. This week, Cam’s parents joined us to take care of the kids while we’re in the office. They have been having a blast! They’ve been to the Museum, the Aquarium, St Kilda, Fitzroy Gardens and enjoyed a fair few ice-creams along the way. I’m really quite jealous!

The best part of the day by far is getting “home” to see Jack & Tilly. Jack’s never all that excited to see us (which is good in a way) but Tilly is totally in love with me at the moment and gets super excited. Today she squealed, kicked her legs, gave me a few huge cuddles, stroked my face and stared lovingly into my eyes and gave me “face-holdy” kisses! Then she stroked my face again and said “You’re so pretty!”… or so I thought

When Shirley asked me what Tilly had said and I said (beaming) “You’re so pretty!” she promptly told me – “No, You’re so sweaty!” Hmmm… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it!

But even so, there is nothing better than getting to see those two gorgeous faces at the end of a long day and having big cuddles. They are pretty special!!!

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