Things ‘n’ Stuff

It’s ben a little while since I’ve posted anything, and I don’t really have any great stories to tell but here are some general updates for those who are interested…

– We’ve been home a week now after a couple of weeks away in Mebourne for training – it’s lovely to be home.
– Jack started full-time pre-primary on Monday and in his words, he’s “loving it!” So we’re pretty stoked about that seeing as the week before he was not at all keen to go.
– We had a wonderful day celebrating my birthday yesterday!
– After getting back from Melbourne last weekend, Cam got promptly back into work. It seems like it’s always crazy busy, he has another 2 trips to Melbourne for work in the next few weeks.
– Tilly is coping pretty well with all the changes. She’s missing Jack quite a bit but is enjoying having her long afternoon sleeps in her own bed again! As am I!
– It’s really not very long until the bubby is due to make it’s debut… about 5 weeks to go! It’s a little on the small side but nothing to worry about too much yet.
– Our financial support is steadily coming in – at last “official” count, we’re up to 7% of our target, a  huge jump from our previous update of 0.02% 🙂
– Cam and I both start at Vose on Tuesday night to do Missions Persepectives. Although, I’m taking the easy option with no assignments.
– The weather has been rather tiresome here… constantly hot and humid, not too nice when you already feel like a whale!
– We’re coming along slowly with our Portuguese, muito obrigada to Tim!

Thanks for all your prayers and support and encouragement! We really appreciate it!!!

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