A bit blocked up…

So yeah, the language learning is going ok. I'm told that the ability to laugh at yourself is a really good thing when trying out your new language skills (or lack thereof) in the field - but I'm getting a pretty good headstart on it right now. We had our lesson tonight and when our... Continue Reading →

Practical preparations

As well as the language, missiology and organisational training going on - we've been getting stuck into the serious, practical aspects in preparation for life in Mozambique. Matilda has been undergoing some intense mango eating sessions, one a morning for the last few weeks, a skill sure to come in useful in years to come...... Continue Reading →

Pirates, Parrots & Jessie

We had a wonderful day today celebrating my beautiful niece's 4th birthday. We all got to dress up and spend some fun time with family and friends... poor Cam missed out. Silly uni people working on Public Holidays! Jack told me that I had "scary eyes," I just thought I looked a wee bit more... Continue Reading →

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