Pirates, Parrots & Jessie

We had a wonderful day today celebrating my beautiful niece’s 4th birthday. We all got to dress up and spend some fun time with family and friends… poor Cam missed out. Silly uni people working on Public Holidays!

Jack told me that I had “scary eyes,” I just thought I looked a wee bit more tired than normal.

Jack got a pirate outfit last year – he was stoked to be able to wear it to a proper pirate party. He did wear it to a few others recently, but soon got changed after he realised that he was the only one dressed up!

Captain Jack with Sea-bass & the Birthday pirate

Captain Jack & his great friend Captain Shaphan

Tilly told me earlier in the week that she didn’t want to dress up as a pirate, cos that’s only for boys! So when we were out buying birthday presents… we found this…

Jessie Pirate!!! She was over the moon.

Although not happy to be a pirate, she was quite happy to share the loot!

Jessie Pirate & Pregnant Mummy Pirate! (The only “big” kid dressed up at the party 🙂 )

The stunning Georgia parrot (& beloved Raffy) – If you asked her though, she was a carrot!

Best buddies! Happy Birthday Nicky!

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