I really should pack my bag

I don’t know if by refusing to pack a bag, I’m trying to put off this whole baby coming next week thing… and if that’s the case – it’s really not working! While I am super excited to meet this litle one – I just can’t believe it’s next week!

The last 9 months have gone by SO quickly and I think I’m a bit scared that the next 9 months are going to go by equally fast. Which would mean that those precious bubby months will fly by 😦 and that it will be almost time for us to leave (not sure whether to insert sad or smiley face there – there doesn’t seem to be a combination one where you’ve got sad tears streaming down your face and an excited smile too)

I so wish I had a remote-control for life right now so I could press pause and take a breath and just be present for a while in this moment. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. (I must be really tired cos now I can’t stop crying :-))

So it’s got me thinking… we spend so much time being busy and not much time just being and having the time to sit and listen to people and our kids and God and ourselves and what’s going on inside our minds. But more about that another time – I’ve got too much to do to sit and think about it right now ;-).

Just to reassure you all, apart from the unpacked bag… I am ready for this baby. And here are the photos to prove it…

I’ve made some decorations…

The cot is ready to go…

Complete with a very special quilt made by Gran… and…

Bubby is growing well and by the feel of these kicks – ready to come out any time now.

2 thoughts on “I really should pack my bag

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  1. It’s funny how we can be in such a similar position physically, but mentally we’re in a totally different place. But I am sure God has us both where he wants us, and maybe different for a reason- so we can even each other out?

    1. I am doubley excited at the moment watching the both of you growing larger in girth, it bring back fondest memories and I am so proud of you both, you are very beautiful mum’s I cant wait to meet these two special people .

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