A bit blocked up…

So yeah, the language learning is going ok. I’m told that the ability to laugh at yourself is a really good thing when trying out your new language skills (or lack thereof) in the field – but I’m getting a pretty good headstart on it right now.

We had our lesson tonight and when our tutor asked how I was I replied… “Nao muito bem, Eu tenho o constipacao” (or something like that). I thought I was saying “Not very good, I have a cold” but apparently not.

I did think it a bit weird that “constipacao” meant “a cold” when it just looks and sounds so much like constipation! I wondered whether I’d just be saying “Not very good, I have constipation.” But hey, it’s in the Lonely Planet Portuguese dicitionary bit – surely it must be right…

… nope, apparently not. Tim didn’t seem too worried, he being a medical professional and me in the late stages of pregnancy – it probably made perfect sense – little bit of “overshare” or “TMI” perhaps but a plausible complaint none the less. How embarrassing.

So it makes me wonder, did Lonely Planet do that on purpose so heaps of people are running around Brazil and Portugal and Mozambique telling people they’re constipated not that they have a cold – he he he. And, why didn’t I just check on Babblefish first when I was so unsure.

But I’m certain that this will be the first of many, many embarassing mistakes I will make so I will embrace it and move on – I needed a good laugh tonight anyway :-).

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