Princess Tilly

I really wasn't excited about the Royal Wedding until... ... Tilly started watching the "Princess Show." She is such a girly girl and totally obsessed with horses, she thought it was the best thing ever! I managed to find my veil & tiara... ... and we watched her squeal in delight "it's back on" each time the... Continue Reading →

Hitting Home

I don't know if it's just the hormones and sleep deprivation but the last week or so has got me realising that we're going to miss out on so many things. Sounds silly I know, you'd think I would have already thought more about this. But I am such a practical, "get on with things"... Continue Reading →

There are three of them!

We keep looking at each other and stating the ridiculously obvious - "there are three of them!" Of course I knew it was going to happen sooner or later but I still wasn't prepared. It hasn't even been that hard yet (Cam's had the week off work), but, there are three of them! We're outnumbered... Continue Reading →

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