So glad May is (nearly) over!

It has been a really busy few weeks! With all the church visits, language learning, birthday parties, homegroups, immunisations, school, playgroup, City to Surf training (does one run/walk count?) and everything else... it feels a little bit like all we do is hop in and out of the car. I think this is a pretty good... Continue Reading →


Posted by Cam Kath knows me pretty well.  Better than I know me sometimes.  She especially knows when I'm stressed and this is something I dont pick up on well.  So last week she picked up I was stressed... in hindsight it could have had something to do with me being irritable, tired, short, distant...... Continue Reading →

Reminders of the future

Posted by Cam I was having a look through some of our old photos from our 2007 trip to Malawi/Africa - this was the trip where we decided we shouldn't go to Africa - and found my favourites, which reminded me of things that we will be doing in the future.  The not so distant future. ... Continue Reading →

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