So glad May is (nearly) over!

It has been a really busy few weeks! With all the church visits, language learning, birthday parties, homegroups, immunisations, school, playgroup, City to Surf training (does one run/walk count?) and everything else… it feels a little bit like all we do is hop in and out of the car.

I think this is a pretty good sign of where my head’s at today…

… I didn’t even realise until I picked Jack up at the end of the day that he was still wearing his pyjama top! He is such a funny kid! He said he didn’t realise til halfway through the day and then he just kept his jumper on. Best laugh I’ve had in ages.

I love my crazy little family. I love that they don’t protest when we drag them here there and everywhere. Here are some crazy moments from the last couple of weeks…

Bathtime for Sydney!

Georgia doesn’t really do funny faces – she just looks beautiful all the time!

Tilly on the other hand…!

Nicky’s trying hard but she’s got nothing on Jack. We have so few photos of him NOT pulling a funny face.

You’re never too young to try out the crazy eyes. Amelia’s doing ok, Syd needs a bit more practise though!

And finally… this shows how long it’s been since it has rained here – they’ve forgotten what to do! Raincoats, splashing boots & goggles!?!?!? were the order of the day.

Good look Tilly!

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