This is the bit I’m scared about…

Posted by Cam

There doesn’t seem to be too much yet that I am scared about in our shift to Africa.  Its only 8ish months away, and there are plenty of things worthy of scaredness, but they all still seem a long way off.

I am scared though of getting sick.   Real sick.  With Malaria.  I’m not good at being sick, just ask Kath – I think it’s a general bloke thing.  I think it’s the inevitableness of Malaria in Africa that gets too me.  We will take all the right precautions and be sensible but it doesn’t matter.  At some stage you will get it.  Kids too.  Maybe that the real scary bit.  Those little mozzies are like CO2 seeking missiles filled with biological warheads ready to puncture your skin and fill you with little parasites! hmmm…

This picture from Jonno Crane says it all really.  One little mozzie (he has other names for them…) has his mate flaked out in an African Hospital on a drip trying to get over it. 

Despite this, with the right medical care people have survived there for enough time to make a difference.  Here’s trusting we will too.  Lets just hope we don’t all get it within 2 weeks of arriving!

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  1. Don’t worry my friend… in the lists of things that send people home without making a difference, I don’t think Malaria rates.

    P.S. Often the only difference made is in the hearts of the people that come and go… and maybe that’s ok??… I don’t know how much I’ve changed others… but I’ve sure changed a lot.

    Looking forward to having you guys out here

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