Princess Tilly

We recently celebrated Tilly’s 3rd birthday with a Princesses and Knights party. It was the best fun I’ve had in ages. We had a castle with a dance floor and tunnels and a dungeon. And there was a dragon tied up around the back! The knights and princesses were the most enthusiastic muscial bobs players I have ever seen! We kept up our “make&decoratethecakethenightbeforewitha*verysmall*glassofwine” tradition – and it turned out beautifully. And I managed to get through the morning without crying about the fact that it would be her last birthday in Aus for a while.

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  1. wow, that cake is amazing!! i’d love to see what you could do a week before!! 😉 he he he.
    What a good looking bunch of princesses and knights they are too. Sydney looks quite excited by her tiara 🙂

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