One down…

We found out this week that our friend Alan has all his support together and can book his ticket to Mozambique! Very exciting! Check out his blog Life in Lichinga.

It won’t be long til we’re in the same boat hopefully! I seem to be stuck on the response of “about 8 or 9 months” when people ask how long is it until we leave. The thing is, that was only true about 2 or 3 months ago! We’re hoping to be ready by the end of January! But really, who gets anything done in the weeks over Christmas / New Years / school holidays? That means I should try to be ready by mid-December. Hmmmmmm, if my calculations are right, that’s only 6 months away! Wow.

I’m resolving to be more disciplined and get this show on the road, after we get back from Melbourne that is ;-). And very importantly after my beautiful baby sister gets married to the most awesome, wonderful, loving, brilliant with our kids, adored Nathan. 8 days to go! Woohoo – so excited. I am so blessed – all my brothers-in-law are absolute legends! Thank you God.


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