Not ready yet!

Dear God,
I know that making the decision to move to Mozambique means that I am going to miss out on lots of stuff. Like meeting Sebastian’s little brother or sister (one day that is) and meeting a little Nath-Jenn bubby one day and lots of birthday parties and Christmases and just life in general with all my wonderful family and friends. And I’m ok with all of that. It still sux but I’m ready for it. But I am totally not ready to miss my baby sister’s wedding because of some stupid volcano in Chile!!! Please please please please make this silly ash cloud go away so we can get home on time.
Yours sincerely,

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  1. Gosh, that’s exactly what I keep thinking. One little voice saying, “well, this is the way it’s going to be, deal with it.” and the other little voice going, “BUT NOT YET!” It’s all about the mental preparation, hey.

  2. Yeah, we’re expecting 11 people from the East for Brendon’s wedding…looks like some of them possibly wont be arriving tomorrow as planned…totally know the feeling!

  3. Thanks God!
    We made it back into Perth safely, walked in the beautiful warm wind to the car then drove in the crazy Friday night storm to rehearsals. Made it there safely too! The wedding was beautiful – weather was perfect! And I am now the very proud owner of one very special brother in law – Mr Nathan Smith! Yippee!!!

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