Work Scenes

I work in some beautiful parts of Australia. Yesterday I was south of the Stirling Ranges busy looking at small plants and a big sky. Today I was reminded that I'm not doing this soon as I was organizing my formal resignation from work.  I will miss these visits to great places around Australia but I hear Africa has... Continue Reading →


What a fantastic morning! The fog was amazing. I went for an hour-long walk BY MYSELF - it doesn't get much better than that. And to top it all off... Tilly had her first ever horsthie ride on Dusty. Check her out...


Nope, not a spelling mistake - this is what Jack thought we were having. I'm not sure what he thought it involved? Maybe he thought we were nutso and organising a super-scary & dangerous fire. Either that or all this Portuguese is sinking in and he just thought it would be a good fire! (Bom=good)... Continue Reading →

The Roundhouse

I've just finished reading a book called "Many years a thief" by David Hutchison. It's a novel, based on WA history, about the juvenile convicts sent to Fremantle between 1842 & 1851. Pretty good read considering I picked it up randomly from the library - trying to make a hasty retreat with the 3 kids... Continue Reading →

Cute kids

School holidays rock! I reckon home-schooling will work out well... provided we can get out of our pjs! Here are some happy snaps of three happy kiddies.

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