What did you say your name is?

Today I realised we have a problem…

If anyone asks our crazy little girl what her name is – she always says “Tillyshark.” It’s just something we call her every now and then, just mucking around for no particular reason. I don’t know why she’s adopted it but I cannot get her to answer with her proper name no matter how hard I try. She just just screams “No!!!! It’s Tillyshark!!!”

That’s kind of ok most of the time…. just not ok when you get lost at the zoo!

Thank goodness I found her before someone took her to the Info desk. Can you imagine it… “We have a lost little girl wearing purple leggings, a grey and purple dress and with a Freddo frog tattoo on her right forearm. She says her name is Tillyshark?!?!?”

How embarrassing!

3 thoughts on “What did you say your name is?

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  1. So long as she knows it’s Tillyshark BEECK, you should be OK. They will just think you gave her a weird first name 🙂

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