A boring rambling post about nothing really… I warned you

I’ve thought many times over the last few weeks… I should put a new post on the Blog – I just haven’t had anything much to say. Some of the stuff I’ve thought about writing about just sounds a bit whiny and there’s nothing worse than that. It’s bad enough just me having to listen to the whiny voice in my head let alone inflicting it on others :-). So here are some short excerpts from the rambling mess that is my head.

My rain instincts suck…
I thought the rain had stopped for the day so I went and hung out the washing… apparently it hadn’t.
Worse still, after Matilda wet her bed in her sleep this afternoon, I put her mattress out in the sunshine… then went out…  then came home to try to figure out how to dry out a mattress – bummer.

I don’t know what I did, but I have the best baby in the world…
She is amazing. Every time I look at her she smiles. She is just a tiny little bundle of happiness and I love her to bits.

The wooden spoon…
*potentially controversial* I smack my kids (NOT Sydney!), with a wooden spoon. It’s a special one with a pink ribbon that hangs in the kitchen. Yesterday, I couldn’t find wooden spoon. I asked the kids if they’d seen it – they both said no (smart kids). Later in the afternoon, I asked Matilda again if she’d seen it… “I hided it” she said (smarter than I thought). She went and got it from her little car outside. When I couldn’t find again today, I accused her of hiding it again and made her look for it. Then a few hours later I found it… where I’d left it that morning… she got to smack my bottom and I had to apologise 🙂

The dog really really really wants to go for a walk…
Sorry Dozer 😦 You keep moving further down my list of priorities.

Muitas baratas…
So my Portuguese is getting better. I can now have a great conversation… with myself… in my own head… actually sometimes out loud around the house. It makes sense in my head, not so much sense when I try it out on other people but hey, I’m keeping myself entertained. I think Jack thinks I’m nuts though.

Only 3 more sleeps ’til Cam comes home – Yippee!


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