I am learning still, learning still, know that I am learning still…

(10 points to anyone who gets the musical reference in the title. I don’t know what you do with those 10 points mind you?)

I know this whole learning thing is a life-long process and a lot of the time I really do enjoy it but sometimes I just wish I wasn’t so slow at it! Sometimes I wonder if God is just shaking His head. I mean I get frustrated with my kids when they take a while to learn things. But my slowness is just on a whole other level.

Earlier this year, I was struggling with letting my frustrations at things get the better of me and not dealing well with that. Through that, I learnt to be more patient and to always assume the best of people and to tell things to God and then let them go.

I learnt so much, that I even put into a little “Action Plan” for myself. I even gave it to my sister when she was talking about struggling with similar things. Here it is (you might even find it helpful).

Based on James Chapter 4 in The Message

You want your own way, you’re spoiled children: be heard, treated fairly, with respect

NO – Yell a loud No to the devil when I want to be ‘righteously’ angry, it doesn’t help, it just makes things worse

Let God work his will in you. Yell a loud No to the devil and watch him scamper.

VENT – but to God! He knows, no good not venting, or telling other people, acknowledge the feeling, deal with it and get on

Get down on your knees before the master – it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet

REPENT – for being judgemental, thinking badly of others

God gives grace to the willing humble

FORGIVE – extend the grace that God show me to others

Don’t bad-mouth each other – it’s his message that takes a beating in that kind of talk

SHUTUP – not to re-hash things that have been dealt with with God, but just to let them go

So then this week, instead of following my plan. I got angry and annoyed, I whinged to others, I was judgemental & thought badly of others and I told other people about how it just wasn’t good enough.

Then I think God did something to give me a good kick up the bum and keep me humble. 🙂 I just had to laugh! Sucked in me – I totally deserved that. Maybe I’ll do better next time. Perhaps not, but I am learning still.

2 thoughts on “I am learning still, learning still, know that I am learning still…

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  1. Missy Higgins – “Oh my son, look at what I have done…but I am learning still” … but avoid singing this in front of Jack as he doesn’t like it much 🙂 WHAT DO I GET WITH MY TEN POINTS?!!

    The part that makes me cry…’all, all, all of my light is for you, and home…home’s anywhere you are too…” now I am balling. Crap.

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