Free bus ride!

Thanks to the Queen, we all got a free bus and train ride into the city today! We braved the massive crowds, wrangled three prams and eight children in and out of eight lifts, momentarily lost two small children in Northbridge and spent ages lining up for the toilets. There were some fun bits too... Continue Reading →

Rollercoaster ride

I'm sure I must seem like an emotional basket case at the moment. There are so many exciting, happy, sad, little bit scary things all happening at once. Here is a bit of an update on life at the moment for those of you keeping track with where we're at... Our support So we've reached... Continue Reading →


I'm not really that good at doing life in a balanced way. I definitely have more of an "all or nothing" personality type. I wonder why? Maybe I could blame my Dad who, everytime I got 95% on a test, would ask me - "What did you do, spell your name wrong?" Or maybe, that's... Continue Reading →


One of my most favourite things about hanging out with Matilda is listening to her version of English. If she doesn't know the word for something - she'll either just use a bunch of words she does know strung together to describe it or just make something up. Here are some of my favourites at... Continue Reading →

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