Rollercoaster ride

I’m sure I must seem like an emotional basket case at the moment. There are so many exciting, happy, sad, little bit scary things all happening at once. Here is a bit of an update on life at the moment for those of you keeping track with where we’re at…

Our support
So we’ve reached 60% of our required level- another 30% and we’ll be able to book our tickets to Mozambique. I am so excited about going to live in Lichinga! It’s funny, every always asks if I’m scared about that but I’m really not. I have a real sense of peace that it’s the right decision and I know God’s going to take care of us, so no, not scared. But sad, that’s another story 🙂

So my baby sister and newest brother-in-law are having a baby – their first! She’s due towards the end of March and we’ve decided that we’ll wait until bub is born before we leave Perth. I am so excited!
AND… my other sister is also having a baby – their second! Which is also super exciting. I’ve known for a while but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone so I think I’ve just put it out of my mind. But now it’s out in the open, the thought of leaving just before he or she arrives is starting to hit home 😦

The last trip
Cam is away… for 10 days… looking after 3 kids by yourself for 10 days is just not fun. Hats off to single parents – it’s just relentless! But – they are awesome kids and are doing their best to help me out. AND it’s the last trip, like ever! In fact, in 5 weeks time… we’ll both be stay at home parents. Wow – what a weird thought!

I’ve managed to knock a whole bunch of things off my to-do list over the last couple of weeks. The kids now have passports, we have updated wills, we’ve booked into to get a million and one vaccinations and so on. The level of house cleanliness has suffered as a result but that’s ok – can’t have it both ways.

In 5 days time… my little baby boy will turn 6!!! Where did that time go…

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