My Dad

There are so many things I have learnt from my Dad, he's one of the most amazing people I know. He taught me how to change a tyre, look after a car, how to cook and how to sew. He taught me the importance of hospitality and making others feel welcome. He taught me the... Continue Reading →

Slow down!

The big kids had their ear specialist appointments last Tuesday. Great news - Jack's ear are much much better, his hearing is at about 95% so he doesn't have to have anything at all done. Tilly's ears are on the improve, her hearing is at about 85% - the audiologist said it's about the equivalent... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

It seems every time I have to do "move to Mozambique" related things, something goes wrong! My latest expedition involved travelling into the city and getting BCG vaccinations for the kids and tests for Cam and I. We all had to go in on Monday for the test and then back this morning for the... Continue Reading →

The preparations continue

Well 9 months after the mango-eating preparations began, Matilda has added a new skill to her resume... climbing the mango trees! I'm telling myself it's good that she gets some practise in before we go. I'd much rather she falls and breaks her arm in Perth than Lichinga! I'm sure I wasn't that little when... Continue Reading →

Where the wild things are!

On Saturday morning we celebrated Jack's 6th birthday with a Jungle party! The party started at 10... but at 9:30 Jack and I were... ... in the hospital... ...with a deep gash to the head... ....getting three stitches! Jack wasn't worried by the blood, or pain, or needles, or stitches. He just kept asking "Is... Continue Reading →

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