Where the wild things are!

On Saturday morning we celebrated Jack’s 6th birthday with a Jungle party! The party started at 10… but at 9:30 Jack and I were…

… in the hospital…

…with a deep gash to the head…

….getting three stitches!

Jack wasn’t worried by the blood, or pain, or needles, or stitches. He just kept asking “Is this going to take much longer?” The staff at Murdoch were brilliant and got him in and out in record time and we only missed the first 36 minutes of his party.

Things got started without us thanks to Cam, my wonderful sisters and my obsession with lists and planning (yes – there was a 6th birthday running sheet). Jack made a grand entrance, showed off his war wounds and got on with the partying. We had such a wonderful morning with many thanks to beautifully behaved gorgeous kiddies, lovely friends and family, wonderful photographers and the best 6 year old boy any Mum could ever hope for. Enjoy the pics!

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5 thoughts on “Where the wild things are!

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  1. Very cute! Love how u go to so much effort for their parties, looks wonderful! How did Jack hurt his head? Poor dude

    1. Hi Teagan, Jack smashed it on the air-conditioner bracket down the side of the house. We’d set up an explorer’s course around the back yard and Jack was testing it out! Matilda was dressed as a crocodile and he reckons she scared him and that’s why he hit his head! It was my fault though – I could see it happening, I’m just really glad it was Jack and not one of the other kids. Cam gaffa taped pool noodles to it after that so noone else could get hurt 🙂 BTW – Huge congrats on bubby #3 – awesome news 🙂

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