Slow down!

The big kids had their ear specialist appointments last Tuesday. Great news – Jack’s ear are much much better, his hearing is at about 95% so he doesn’t have to have anything at all done. Tilly’s ears are on the improve, her hearing is at about 85% – the audiologist said it’s about the equivalent of wearing soft ear plugs. No wonder the poor kid keeps asking me “did you say yes?” “did you say no?” “what did you say?” “I can’t hear you!” But, more good news, the dr thinks that seeing as we’re coming into summer, she’s not in any pain and her speech isn’t affected, that we don’t need to do anything for her either! Yippee! We’ll take Tilly back late in January if she’s still not 100% but I’m confident that she’ll be right by then.

Me on the other hand… I had a flu thing about 12 days ago and then a yucky cough I just couldn’t shake. And now, as punishment for not slowing down to rest enough, I’ve got tonsilitis! Thankfully I picked it up early, I’m on antibiotics and determined to get some more rest in over the next few weeks. My body is just not keeping up with all the things my brain wants it to do. Something has to give. After two shifts back at work, I think it’s time to chuck in the towel 😦

On that note, it’s time for bed. Jack has made a deal with me… If we don’t have to go to church, he will stay in bed until 12! Now there’s an offer I don’t think I can refuse. Perhaps he can convince Tils and Syd to do the same?

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