I keep walking into the kitchen then walking out again and walking into the laundry and walking out again then walking into my room then walking out again…

It’s that yucky stage of moving where there is so much to do but it’s just a little bit too early to do most of it – poor kids have to sleep somewhere I guess.

And there are so many things to pack and sell, but you can’t really move them out of where they are, cos there is just no where for them to go yet.

And then there’s all the usual housework and cooking and entertaining – most of which I have no motivation for (unless the entertaining involves more awesome friends and less bored children).

I’ve tried procrastination in a few forms – buying & wrapping Christmas presents, escaping for a few days to Yallingup, writing more blog posts :-). All of which made me feel much better for a little while at least, then it’s straight back into walking into the kitchen and then walking out again…walking into the laundry and walking…. Yeah you get the picture.

Time to take my new neighbour’s advice and get some friends to come over and put me to work I think…. Steph – are we still on for Tuesday?

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

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  1. I have an idea …

    One room at a time. What can you cook/clean and eat off at an absolute minimum (think holiday house). Pack everything else.

    Sell the washing machine…use someone elses (Yvettes?) Pack it up, take it outside…and then pack the laundry.

    Bedrooms .. Put the kids things away that you are sending the Africa in boxes. They won’t notice, and then when they arrive it will feel like a nice surprise or all ‘new’ toys!

    I can help over christmas.


  2. Kath I’m still all yours Tuesday. Can be there at 7!! maybe 8?? I will have the kids thou… Looking forward to helping.

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