No Song of Sadness

Cam here... Back for my quarterly post 🙂 I though I would share a song I wrote a while ago, maybe about 18 months (lyrics only this time...). I just found the sheet in all the piles of stuff from shifting house and looked at them again, sang them last night and thought "well, it's... Continue Reading →

Family photos

We recently had the chance to get away to Yallingup for a bit of a break and to get some more family photos taken. I made the mistake of telling Tristan before had how amazingly happy Sydney was all the time and how she would be easy to take smiley photos of. Just to prove... Continue Reading →

Thanks God!

A few really awesome things have happened over the last few weeks.  I am so thankful to God that... 1) ...we survived 10 days of Transition Training, I think we could even say we thrived. Well the kids sure did. They were so well behaved, I couldn't be prouder of them. Thanks Sezy for the... Continue Reading →

Going Home

We survived Transition Training! While we can't tell you exactly what went on there (otherwise we'd have to kill you), we can say that we were pushed to our limits - physically, emotionally & mentally. The kids were brilliant - a few minor meltdowns but on the whole, super well behaved. I narrowly escaped another... Continue Reading →

Quick update

Well, 2 weeks and no posts, that's gotta be a record. It has been an even more crazy than normal Christmas & New Year period. We're in the middle of moving out of our house! We're not quite ready to head to Moz just yet (although that's getting close) but we're shifting out of our... Continue Reading →

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