Quick update

Well, 2 weeks and no posts, that’s gotta be a record. It has been an even more crazy than normal Christmas & New Year period. We’re in the middle of moving out of our house! We’re not quite ready to head to Moz just yet (although that’s getting close) but we’re shifting out of our home, getting it ready to rent out and camping out at the rellies place a few suburbs away.

We thought it would be good to be out before we head off to Melbourne next week. So, it’s all happening! Clearing sales, gumtree sales, packing, shifting, sorting, chucking and cleaning. And finally fixing all those little things around the house that should have been done years ago :). Thanks to many, many wonderful helpers, it’s all going very well.

Our support level is now at about 85% so not too much longer before we can book our tickets for Moz. It’s getting exciting!

Thanks for all your help & prayers- we’ve sure needed it.

Stay tuned for the “real” update (I’m aware this one was totally devoid of any emotional content 🙂 – trying to stay focused. Next meltdown scheduled for Friday sometime)

Love Kath

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  1. Can you add a ‘like’ button to your blog? Cos I want to indicate that I read and appreciated your post but I don’t have an actual comment to make.

  2. Hmmm, there is a like button… You have to open up the post, it doesn’t appear on the big list of them all. It’s a little yellow star – be the first to like…

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