Going Home

We survived Transition Training! While we can’t tell you exactly what went on there (otherwise we’d have to kill you), we can say that we were pushed to our limits – physically, emotionally & mentally. The kids were brilliant – a few minor meltdowns but on the whole, super well behaved. I narrowly escaped another run in with my old foe mastitis. Cam was such an awesome Dad, although he does look a bit like he’s going die just now.

We have a 5 hour wait before our flight leaves. I’m trying not to be too discouraged by the number of Virgin flights being delayed at the moment. Tilly has had it. It has always been my dream that my kids would fall asleep anywhere… Today that dream came true!

Napping in the Departure Lounge

You know that amazing feeling when you’ve been away from home for a while and you get back to your own bed, your amazing shower, everything in its proper place, your comfy couch… Well, today it’s really hitting me that I’m not going to have that experience. Not that the house we’re heading back to isn’t wonderful – it certainly is and we feel very blessed, but it’s not home šŸ˜¦

So I travel today with mixed feelings. I’m really sad now about leaving our home. But I’m also really excited about setting up a new home in Mozambique! #hopefullylessthan3months

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  1. Hope your flight doesn’t get delayed!! Safe travels and we’ll see you once we’re back from visiting your future home!! šŸ™‚

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