No Song of Sadness

Cam here… Back for my quarterly post 🙂

I though I would share a song I wrote a while ago, maybe about 18 months (lyrics only this time…). I just found the sheet in all the piles of stuff from shifting house and looked at them again, sang them last night and thought “well, it’s really cheesy but it’s true”. So in the spirit of honesty and exposing my lack of lyric writing ability here it is…

No Song of Sadness

I’ts hot outside, well above 34
It’s humid too, raining down the walls
we’ll be 6 hours from nowhere, way across the sea
it’s no song of sadness, it’s where we’re meant to be

It’s not that exotic, no lions in the streets
no monkeys in the trees, just a mozzie while we sleep
away from our people, and free baby care
it’s no song of sadness, He’s guiding us there

We’re blessed to be called from darkness to light
not a life a comfort to finish the fight
all is provided by our Father above
it’s no song of sadness, He’s given his love

**insert killer blues solo here**

We’re not going alone, there’s friends with us now
walking beside us, along for the ride
there’s a message to take of unlimited love
it’s no song of sadness, of heaven above

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