Bremer Bay

Awww... isn't she cute! Looks can be deceiving though. I think she only slept about an hour of our 6 hour journey... most of the time she looked like this... I'm not complaining though! She's a legend. Despite not having much sleep she was as happy as once we arrived. Hanging out with Gran at... Continue Reading →

Over the sea…

Happy Valentine's Day  It only struck me recently that all the years I sat in my tree talking to God, I was looking out over the sea... to Africa. Maybe next year I'll find a tree somewhere on the Mozambican coast and look back this way... home?

Sydney Jayne

Yeah I know, I'm going a little over the top with the whole social media thing. It's out of control! But I'm just going to run with it for now at least. So to add to the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... here's a little something I just put on YouTube. Cheeky Little Monkey It's mostly... Continue Reading →

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