A perfect start…

The day before the dreaded flight, I decided to check in online. I figured we’d have more chance of nagging a spare seat if we went down the back… Apparently I was wrong. We arrived at Perth airport at 7am and with a bit of help from Big Jack, managed to wrangle 3 kids, 4 suitcases, 2 car seats, a stroller, a portacot and 5 carry on bags straight to the front of the online check in line! There I was met with the most exciting bit of news ever (when you’re about to board a long flight that is) – with our initial seat allocation, they had blocked off two seats next to us and they hadn’t processed my online request, yippee!!! AND we were allowed to take the car seat (technically for Tilly, but really for Sydney). I almost cried!

We didn’t quite flood the terminal saying good byes to family and then it was time to hop on the plane. The kids were amazing! Jack played some game for almost 5 hours straight and even managed to fall asleep at the end of the flight. He must have been tired – he slept the whole way through the landing and while most of the people got off. Tilly had a minor meltdown at one stage but then we swapped her back into the car seat and she slept happily for a few hours. Sydney had 3 sleeps and more noise giggling than she did crying. What a brilliant start!

Then to top it off, we were picked up at the airport, welcomed with open arms, driven to our accommodation and showered with incredible gifts. Jack is over the moon to have so many mates to play with. Tilly is stoked with her horse-esque giraffe with the crazy eyelashes and Sydney is being very well loved! We’re feeling very spoilt!!!

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