Nos estamos aqui

We’re in Lichinga!

We arrived safely on Saturday afternoon! Everyone is well – little bit tired but we’re doing ok. We’ve had an incredible welcome from our amazing team – they’re taking such good care of us. We’ve been setting up the house, sorting out phones and internet, doing a bit of shopping and getting used to all the different noises.

It was an epic journey! We spent 5 days on the road, crossed over 4 borders, got stopped by dozens of police… but we’ve made it!

It was actually really fun! No, seriously 🙂

I’ll spare all the details for now but some highlights included…

– seeing meerkats in the wild. There was a whole family of them crossing the road!
– paying $10US for doing 110 in a 60 zone
– making it to Tete in time to get our visas processed… just
– the explosion at the gold mine 🙂 (even if it was 70 km out of our way)
– dinner at the Houstons – amazing
– seeing Sydney’s face as she saw her new friend for the first time
– and being able to understand & speak a bit of Portuguese – thanks Tim!

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  1. Look at her face, gorgeous 🙂 Glad it all went well and you enjoyed the journey there and you are now settling in, take care, love Tam, Neil, Kieran and Connor 🙂 xo

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