Looking Good… Or not…

Ladies night in Lichinga - wear something you bough at the markets. We went all out. Matching stretchy wrap around pants - Sal even topped hers off with some sweet high heels. (Sadly I couldn't join her: There aren't many size 10 high heels getting around at the market). We went covered with our capulanas... Continue Reading →

Life lessons in Lichinga #1

Cam here... In honour of a blog I regularly read (guitarforworship.com) I present a "bullet post" of lessons I have learned in Lichinga. The bullets save me from have to form proper sentences or paragraphs... - the first one has already been publicised but possibly one of my biggest lessons in life yet and everyone... Continue Reading →

Looking good… or not

So here is the first instalment in what I think will be another series... Knees are out here! Having them on show is about the equivalent of walking around back home with some serious cleavage on show. Not a great look. So long skirts it is. I don't mind wearing skirts at all... I'm just... Continue Reading →

Four corners

I thought I would start a little project… for anyone who is interested in seeing what our place looks like. I always like it when I can picture people in their houses talking to me or writing to me. So here is part 1 of four corners – starting with the loungeroom. I’ve cheated a... Continue Reading →

The red light of death

  We’d been staring at it all week, thinking oh well, we’re in Africa now. We just have to be patient and wait for it to turn green again all by itself. Who knows how long it will take? I’d even tried to embrace it – take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t working.... Continue Reading →

School in Lichinga!

Hi everyone! Here are a few pics of Jack & Tilly's classroom. School here is a bit different to back home. We start at 8 and finish at lunchtime. Tilly joins in with Jack on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the afternoon, Jack does some computer work (Reading Eggs, Mathletics & E-mail) and reading while... Continue Reading →

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