Medivac for plastic surgery?

*Not for the faint-hearted… gory pics to follow*

I knew the day would come when I would be required to lean on my dodgy medical expertise in Lichinga, I just didn’t think it would come quite so soon. And why is it that these situation ALWAYS crop up quando o meu marido não está aqui! Everytime!

After Cam left this morning, I made the mistake of planning my day around getting all the kids to have a quiet, restful day and getting them all to have a good sleep. They obviously did not read the memo… my plan backfired. They were awful all day and nobody slept a wink 😦

The only ray of sunshine in my day was a dinner invite to the Houstons! Dinner was an awesome curry and it was so wonderful to hang out with awesome people who weren’t fazed by my feral, screaming children :-).

Just when I was thinking that I should get them home to bed before they all completely lost the plot… Tilly ran smack into the edge of the kitchen bench and did this…


Poor little tacker… after a good scream at first, she barely cried while I set about fixing her up. I thought I’d have a better chance with some steri-strips than finding a doctor at 730pm in Lichinga on a public holiday.


Sterile irrigation, betadine, steri-strips, panadol… what more could a plastic surgeon want?


I think it’s ok! According to my medical research online… I just need to check for haematoma over the next 24 hours, keep it dry and watch for signs of infection. Tim – what am I missing? The cartilage is damaged… I don’t want her to end up with cauliflower ear. Should I see a real doctor? Skype consult anyone?

So now I have one very unhappy Jack sleeping by himself in his room, one Tillyshark under observation (head trauma) sleeping in my bed and one Syddy Syd who has decided that sleep is overrated and she’d rather be blogging with me. I hope they sleep. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I hope Cam gets home before bed time.

6 thoughts on “Medivac for plastic surgery?

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  1. It’s not just as simple as goin to the local emergency department is it. Great patch up job though. I’m sure one of many to come. Go Lichinga Go!

  2. Oh boy! That’s an early start to the dramas. My heart is right there with you – especially with Cam away. Lotsa prayers.

  3. I know how you feel, I had to superglue Liam’s forehead when he fell over and cut open just above his eye. There wasn’t a doctor around when we went to the hospital and someone suggested super glue. We had 3 adults holding him down while we did the deed. Scary!!

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