School in Lichinga!

Hi everyone! Here are a few pics of Jack & Tilly’s classroom. School here is a bit different to back home. We start at 8 and finish at lunchtime. Tilly joins in with Jack on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the afternoon, Jack does some computer work (Reading Eggs, Mathletics & E-mail) and reading while the girls have a sleep.

A short stroll out the back door and up the path… Yay for no more school drop offs!

Tilly’s beautiful Term 1 Kindy work from BCPS & some recycled party decorations have made the place look pretty sweet. Thanks Mrs S!!!

We have plenty of space for storage and working. Jack has his beloved Eagles calendar up above his desk and Tilly has her beautiful picture from her special Kindy friend, Ben.

This is our little play room! Just off to the side of the school room – great for dress ups, dancing, trains and dolls.

5 thoughts on “School in Lichinga!

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  1. Thats looks so beautiful and organized sound like Jack and Tilly could only love school.

  2. Hello
    We think your schoolroom looks fantastic. You have got everything you need and we love to come and visit.
    Go Eagles!

  3. That all looks so lovely and especially the flags! Well done Kath, I’m sure you are going to do a great job of homeschooling. I’m posting a little parcel to Tilly tomorrow for her birthday to add to the one sent from Perth!

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