Looking good… or not

So here is the first instalment in what I think will be another series…

Knees are out here! Having them on show is about the equivalent of walking around back home with some serious cleavage on show. Not a great look. So long skirts it is. I don’t mind wearing skirts at all… I’m just not very well practised. I have almost seriously injured myself a handful of times already by stepping on it while trying to get up off the floor. I keep shutting them in the car door. I wore one that was too flowy on a quite windy day and almost exposed my knees. In my attempt to look “cooler” and wear them hipster style, they end up dragging through the dirt, mud and who knows what else is on the street in town. I have a lot to learn.

Here are a few of my favourites so far…











Out for a morning walk… so clearly exercise gear on top with the Adidas shirt, but then a black skirt – really? To top it all off, some fairly new, bright white New Balance shoes – yikes… and wait for it – black socks. Oh dear. Sorry everyone.









How does one ride in a skirt? I don’t know. But I thought ahead and went shopping at the hippy shop in Carousel (PM me for details) before I left. I came out with this number… the black pants that for all intensive purposes, look like a skirt. Yeah, I’m a thinker.

Was a great idea until I figured out they would just get caught in the gears. Never fear – the legs are so wide I can tie them! Now there’s a look I bet you’d never thought of trying.

Is it really any better than just wearing pants then though? I don’t know. I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Hehehe, nothing like a good challenge to get the creative juices flowing, you look fab dear 🙂

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