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The Beeck Brief May 2012

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  1. Dear Cam and Kath
    Wonderful to read your latest news Thanks heaps. I feel close to you when I read your description of your home and situation. So glad the kids have settled in so well. Thats a huge blessing. I also know what homesickness feels like, so I feel especially close to you.
    I visited Mesina for two nights during my last Impact Africa trip in 2009 and we worked the big truck parking area (waiting for their turn to cross the border – sometimes days!) with the Challenge Newspaper, talking about Jesus to them. One man was really needing to hear what I said, and prayed ‘the prayer’ awesome! I’ll never forget it! and we gave food and beanies etc to the street kids up at the chapel on the hill, under construction at the time. It was a privilleged experience to serve God in this way.
    You will be in my prayers that you learn the language quickly and feel really ‘at home’ in no time.
    God bless you in all your activities.
    Fay Christian

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