Looking Good… Or not…

Ladies night in Lichinga – wear something you bough at the markets. We went all out. Matching stretchy wrap around pants – Sal even topped hers off with some sweet high heels. (Sadly I couldn’t join her: There aren’t many size 10 high heels getting around at the market). We went covered with our capulanas – ready to WOW people with the big reveal. Now, I’m not saying that there weren’t any ladies who also thought our pants were amazing, but I think the majority were more surprised by how much we had paid for them! It turns out we have a lot to learn! At least my muffins worked out well – wouldn’t want to be known as the crazy lady with the pink pants (who should have lost 20kg before wearing them) who also couldn’t cook!

All round – fun times were had! Lovely ladies here in Lichinga! Yippee 🙂

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