I don’t get it?

Today was such an epic day. I am completely exhausted. I cried a lot, laughed a lot, learnt a lot and waited... a lot! We started out the day with a trip to the hospital. We go almost every week to give baby bundles to the women there in the maternity ward. Sally and I... Continue Reading →


I'm pretty sure I never used to cry as much as I do these days. Maybe it's something to do with getting older? It's not just sad tears - I'll cry at the drop of a hat about anything, good or bad. It's kind of exhausting. And I'm not a pretty cry-er. My Aunty was... Continue Reading →

Looking good…

As promised... the most ummmm, interesting picture in the fashion in Lichinga series... I present to you, crocheted bikinis! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Note the combination of crocheted bikini & Happy Pants on the right - Sal takes... Continue Reading →

Looking good…

We spent a few days last week on the shores of Lake Malawi getting to know our team mates a bit better and spending a bit of time relaxing and reflecting. The men decided that it would be a good team bonding experience for all of them to buy & wear happy pants! Sadly, Cam... Continue Reading →

A dream come true

For over a year, Matilda was convinced that Africa was a place you went horse riding. I figured it didn't hurt to let her believe that a little. We had seen photos of horse riding in Malawi on someone else's Blog and found the website for the stable they had been to. Ever since that... Continue Reading →

Inside out

So I haven't been doing much deep & meaningful writing lately. I think my brain might be a bit overloaded. The communication part of it often shuts down when that happens. (Yes Vet, Liz, Jenn - I know, I sound like Dad) But this has me feeling inspired... It's been a while Inspiration and some... Continue Reading →


This girl will give just about anything a go! Here she is getting stuck into our guard's dinner, nsima! She loved it!!! I had to drag her away 🙂

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